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The Guizhou Crystal Organic Chemical (Group) Co, Ltd. is involved in coal chemicals in the organic chemical industry and is a leader in integrated research and design, construction, installation, building materials, and various types of packaging.

Guizhou has an abundance of coal resources, while the world suffers from a shortage of oil, meaning good opportunities for the coal chemical industry. To turn this resource into an economic advantage, Guizhou province and the city of Guiyang have decided to make the coal chemical industry a backbone industry and to give it generous support and Guizhou Crystal has been made a key member of Guiyang’s circular economy coal chemical base. It is the largest organic and coal chemical base in Guizhou and a prominent high-tech company in the province as well as a demonstration enterprise in manufacturing.

Guizhou Crystal is a solely State-owned company with a corporate governance structure developed through continued reforms. Its assets are valued at 2.42 billion yuan and it has nine production plants and 2,998 employees.

It has a diverse line of chemical products and building materials such as polyvinyl alcohol, polyvinyl acetate emulsion (white latex), calcium carbide, vinyl acetate, pentaerythritol, polyvinyl butyral resin, polyvinyl butyral film, and AVS internal and external wall coating materials and cement.

The company covers a 4.2-square-kilometers area, 24 km from downtown Guiyang, adjacent to the Guiyang-Huangguoshu expressway. It has a dedicated 11-km railway spur with an annual throughput capacity of 3 million tons. It also has easy access (within 100 km) to a large amount of raw materials for production, such as limestone and coal.

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