Jinxi Research Institute of Chemical Industry

Jinxi Research Institute of Chemical Industry, founded in 1958, is located in Huludao, Liaoning. It was a scientific research institute directly under the former Ministry of Chemical Industry before transforming into a scientific enterprise subordinate to China Haohua Chemical (Group) Corporation (CHC).

The institute is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the development of new chemical materials and high technologies as well as production and management of new products. Boasting of import and export trading rights and Grade B qualifications for environmental impact evaluation, it is a Grade AAA trustworthy enterprise in Liaoning Province and Grade A tax-paying enterprise in Huludao. Since 2001, the institute passed the certification of ISO9002:1994, ISO9001:2000 and GJB9001 A-2001quality system, obtained the license for weaponry and equipment production and accredited with the state-level high-tech enterprise and enterprise technology center in Liaoning Province.

As an executive member of the China National Adhesives Industrial Association, the institute established industrial organizations, such as the Chlor-alkali Products Quality Supervision & Testing Center of Chemical Industry, the Metal Anode and Electrolysis Equipment Quality Inspection Center of Petroleum and Chemical Industries, the Polyvinyl Chloride Branch of National Plastic Standardized Technology Committee, the Chlor-alkali Branch of National Chemical Standardized Technology Committee, National Chlor-alkali Industry Information Center and National Polyvinyl Chloride Information Station, responsible for working out and amending relative standards in National Chlor-alkali and Polyvinyl Chloride industry, supervising and spot-checking domestic products quality and consignment, performing some national academic exchanges, and publishing Chlor-alkali Industry, Polyvinyl Chloride and many other professional magazines.

The institute boasts of 418 employees and 184 technicians, including 15 professorial senior engineers, 65 senior engineers, and 73 engineers. 16 technicians enjoy special government allowances from the State Council.

For the past few years, it has made great contributions to the development of China’s aviation and astronautics and technical progress in China’s PVC industry,winning the title of Advanced Unit in National Defense Cooperation and of Advanced Unit in National Defense and Chemical Industry. In 2006, it was awarded the title of Advanced Unit in National Defense Technology Cooperation by State Commission of Science and Technology for National Defense Industry.

Since its founding, the institute completed 32 national research projects, including 20 national programs for science and technology development and 130 ministerial research projects, and realized over 190 important achievements, including 1 globally pioneering result, 6 of internationally advanced level, and 138 of leading or advanced level nationwide. It won 9 national science and technology progress awards, 43 provincial or ministerial ones, and 19 ones at the city level. Moreover, it has won many ministerial prizes for excellent design, for project survey and design, and for excellent information results, and national prizes for new products.

With progress of reforms in national science and technology system, the institute has gradually developed from a solely R&D-based public institution into an enterprise engaged in research, production and operations. Based on scientific research, market and industry-oriented policy, it has enhanced its scientific research, deepened international cooperation, updated product varieties, and enlarged the scale, especially in aviation transparent organic materials, polysulfide rubber, and polysulfide materials. Presently, the institute is the only research and production base for aviation organic transparent materials (organic transparent materials used for home-made aircrafts materials are all produced by the institute) and the only enterprise engaged in research and development of special polysulfide rubber in China. With 10 production lines, a total production capacity of 3000t/a, the institute produces 50 products with Jinyan brand in 8 categories, such as aviation organic transparent materials, polysulfide rubber, PVC plastisol and PVC addition agents.

The institute enjoys providing outstanding products and services for you.

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