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Liming Institute Normalizes Party Building Studies
Source: China Haohua Chemical Group Date: 2017-06-11

(Correspondents: Zhang Yunzhong, Wang Yongping) Recently the Party committee of Liming Institute has gone all out to normalize and institutionalize Party building studies as required by the CPC Central Committee by formulating rules and regulations and developing innovative education forms. Thanks to these efforts, the Party organization’s leadership is strengthened, its role as the political core and Party members’ exemplary role highlighted.

The Party committee has formulated a series of rules and regulations to govern the political life and Party affairs. For instance, the Detailed Rules on the Communist Party’s Political Life in Liming Institute specify the time, participants, content and procedures of meetings and other activities, including the Party congress, Party committee’ meetings, meetings for criticism and self-criticism for Party cadres, as well as branch Party congresses, branch Party committee’s meetings, Party group’s meetings and Party lectures, to normalize and institutionalize Party studies and activities. The Performance Review System for Party Branches specifies items for performance review in seven aspects including Party branch construction and communist management, to motivate Party members to keep improving political literacy. In addition, the Party committee has released the Theoretical Studies Focal Group System (revised), the Public Opinions Management System, and the New Media Management System to regulate political studies and ideological and political work in the new era.

The Party committee has come up with innovative methods and built platforms to improve the learning outcome. It has compiled a question bank for Party building studies, and collected Party rules and Chinese president Xi Jinping’s instructions and speeches for the convenience of its members. It has also organized exams for over 310 on-duty Party members to test their theoretical knowledge and actively prepared for the upcoming quiz show to celebrate the CPC’s anniversary. In addition, it shares Party building information and lectures with Party members on WeChat and organizes learning activities on a regular basis. Notebooks are also made and distributed to Party members.

It’s learnt that Party members of all branches across the Institute have responded quickly, and earnestly taken part in Party building activities. Lectures given by senior officials of the Party committee, intensive group study and sharing sessions were organized to achieve better learning effects. As a result, the Institute’s Party members have developed better understanding about the Party Constitution, Party rules, and president Xi’s instructions and raised the awareness of Party building.

 (Yang Maoliang, Party secretary of Liming Institute at a Party branch’s sharing session)

 (Party members receive the question bank)

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