China National Tire & Rubber Corp at Fifth Asian Essen Tire Show
Source:China National Tire&Rubber Corporation Date: 2011-11-23

The Fifth Asian Essen Tire Show opened with great ceremony in Shanghai's New International Expo Center, on November 22, with more than 150 tire and tire-related Chinese companies taking part. The China National Tire & Rubber Corp, along with its subsidiaries Aeolus Tire Co, Qingdao Yellowsea Rubber Co, Double Happiness Tire Industrial Co, Guilin Tire Factory, Beijing Rubber Industry Research & Design Institute, and the Shuguang Rubber Industry Research & Design Institute took part in the exhibition.

China National Tire & Rubber has taken part in the Tire Show every year since the company's establishment. This year it brought an integrated appearance and its booth, at the center of the exhibition hall, was the largest in the entire exhibition area. The booth used white and blue as its main colors and it was separated to two floors. The first floor was an exhibit area mainly for displays, visitors and communicating with clients. The second floor was a closed area for talks with clients who were interested in greater cooperation or placing orders or were signing contracts. As a whole, the booth was imposing and elegant and perfectly reflected the image and status of China National Tire & Rubber. The other companies, Aeolus Tire, Qingdao Yellowsea Rubber, Double Happiness, and Guilin Tire also had their most outstanding products on show.

On the first floor of the exhibition, visitors could see the Aeolus OTR tire series, Double Happiness and Yellowsea all-steel truck tires, and Shuguang's aircraft tires in a neat arrangement, so the full range of China National Tire & Rubber's tires could all be seen. Both Chinese and foreign visitors could learn more about our major tire products. The 40.00R57 giant all-steel tire was especially noteworthy, standing nearly 4 meters tall alongside the booth, and giving the booth a rather eye-catching look. Many visitors stopped by to get more details on it and to take photos with it.

The Asian Essen Tire Show, which is an important annual event for rubber companies, has been held four times. Since 2009, China National Tire & Rubber has gathered its companies to take part in this show. And the show has played a positive role in shaping the corporate image, increasing cooperation and exchanges, and in expanding the market. (Shuguang Rubber Yao Jiangxiong) 

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